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Tate United Methodist Church
Thursday, January 21, 2021
To Love, Invite, prepare people to Serve and Witness for God.

Do you want to help

with disaster relief efforts?

  Here is how


Come celebrate Christ's Resurrection gift for You!

For today's (Daily Devotional) Upper Room, click this link


We are partnering with Tate Elementary School in a program that provides easily accessible food to hungry children on weekends.  For more information, please  See in the Feb 5th 2014 edition of the Pickens Progress. 

We can't all become missionaries in the World, but one of our past mission projects here at Tate United Methodist has been support of the Herrin Family.   The Herrins (all five of them) have devoted their lives to leading people to Christ through the Mission Society.

  To learn more about the Herrins, click on the following links.



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