Tate United Methodist Church
Thursday, January 21, 2021
To Love, Invite, prepare people to Serve and Witness for God.








JUNE 2014 -  Our Saturday Sack program which provided lunches for 202 children on the weekend ) has ended for the time being. This ministry began providing and packing lunches for 25 children and grew to providing and packing lunches for 202. God calls us to plant the seed and leave the growth to God.
thanks to all who volunteered, their time, donated food money, or expertise to this ministry. We especially thank Sandy Boling who brought the idea to our pastor and then Rev. Elmore presented the idea to our congregation who immediately began donating food and money for the program. that is a great part of being a
church in ministry people helping others. thank you again ! enjoy your summer but keep in mind We will resume this ministry When School is back in session .