Tate United Methodist Church
Thursday, January 21, 2021
To Love, Invite, prepare people to Serve and Witness for God.

Our Church History

The discovery of marble in Pickens County Georgia in the early 1880's in unlimited quantities and wide variety of colors transformed Long Swamp Creek valley from a peaceful and rich farming section into an industrial community.  People with training as marble craftsmen came to Tate to quarry and fabricate marble for buildings and monuments.  With the people came a need for local churches.
     In the year 1887, local people of the community got together and built the church. Wheels were put into motion and a grand total of $1,500 was raised. The lumber was given to build the church by Mr. Sam Tate.  The pews were handmade with love by local people.  The windows are the original ones. Because of the many generous contributions by Sam Tate during his lifetime, the church prospered as did the community. Sam Tate was Sunday School Superintendent for many years. The Sam Tate Bible Class was founded during this time; it is still in existence today.
The table in the back of the center pews is the original communion table. The soundboard in the back of the church was placed there because it was found that this was where the sound from the organ chimes came out so beautifully. In 1942, the organ was placed in the church in the memory of Mr. Luke Tate. Lucille Tate gave the stained glass window in memory of Stephen Tate. Lucille Tate was responsible for much of the remodeling and beautification of the church. The pulpit was given to the church by J.B. and Mildred Hill. Please notice that the design of the pulpit is a perfect match to the windows. The present communion table was given by Margaret Tate Benton in memory of Miss Bessie Tate.
     During his lifetime Mr. Sam Tate made many notable contributions to Tate UMC--its personnel and schools. We are proud of the rich heritage bestowed upon Tate UMC. A legacy has been preserved and left to our use and care. We are blessed to have endowments that enable the church to function well and stay a full station charge.
     Tate UMC has been, and still is a strong presence in the area. Our membership continues to grow steadily. This reflects the growth of the community and the fact that our church is still ministering to its people.
     February 1, 2008 began the process of constructing our much needed new building  in memory of J.B. and Mildred Hill and Mimi Jo Hill Butler through the generous gift of Mr. L. O. Benton and Mrs. Margaret Tate Benton.  This building houses a new modern kitchen, fellowship hall, church offices, rooms for education (Sunday School), meetings, children and youth areas with an adjoining fenced play yard.  Construction was completed in time for a Thanksgiving celebration in November 2010.