Tate United Methodist Church
Thursday, January 21, 2021
To Love, Invite, prepare people to Serve and Witness for God.


Thanks for stopping by our website. It is our guess that you  stopped here because  either you are 1) new to the area or 2) looking for a new church and are investigating churches to visit.

On this site you will find information you need to learn whether being our guest at Tate UMC is worth an investment of your time. Whatever your reason for visiting this site you will discover information about our church life, history, and ministries. If you have any questions that go unanswered after reviewing this information please feel free to contact the Pastor, Rev. Louise Elmore, at or (770) 735-3152 or by email at louise.elmore@ngumc.net.  Although we have tried to make this website well designed it is incapable of illustrating the family atmosphere, spirit filled worship, and exciting ministries of Tate United Methodist Church. The only way to truly experience our church is to pay us a visit. Our prayer is that after looking through these pages, you will accept our invitation to come be our guest at Tate.

 So many Choices, So Little Time . . . 

It is difficult when you or your family is moving from one church to another and it is just as difficult when you are exploring Christianity or church membership for the first time. You have so many questions and so many churches. It can become overwhelming. How does one decide?   READ MORE?